Sunday, August 23, 2009

kosmo! Futsal Carnival

All IHYPJians and KPYPJians, be prepared.... kosmo! Futsal Carnival is back. This time KPYPJ will host 'futsal' competiton which is scheduled from 3 to 4 October 2009. This competition is aimed at rewarding the best team with attractive prize all well to represent KPYPJ in Futsal Carnival in bigger tournament (nationwide) in Kuala Lumpur. Kosmo! as the main sponsor has visited IHYPJ last Thursday (August 20th) meeting students and KPYPJ staffs promoting this event. This team also give away goodies from other participating sponsors such as Digi, Figos, 7up Revive, Sara Lee and CCM pharmaceuticals. With this short visit, kosmo and other sponsors hope to have favorable response from KPYPJ students and staff towards this tournament. More details, please contact En Omar Ali, The Director of Students Affair for rules and regulation.

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